Thursday, July 8, 2010


We live moment to moment hanging on to a dream that the happyness of days
gone by will return, that the fate of tomorrow will never come.

We live day by day tolerating the madness and insanity of what
we have come to know as reality, what we have come to accept as life.

We live hour by hour breathing in the hurt and bleeding out the pain, letting go of
the hopes and dreams of a world we once felt safe in.

We live night by night silent tears being our constant companion, remembering
what life was like when everything was ok, when we were okay.

We live moment by moment fighting for the the very next breath, the battle rages
as the weak become weaker and the strong become no more.

We live minute to minute the broken clock becoming a comfort to a life without meaning, silence surrounding the empty roads of yesterdays tomorrows.

We live today knowing that in time we will cease to be but the importance of loving and being loved won't ever change, even if we do.

We live breath to breath realizing that death is not just a victory but a stopping point, a place where all the madness ends, a place where the heart ceases to know pain.

We live. We love. We fade.
To you the silence may be deafening, to me, it's freedom.

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